My Juice Plus Review

Is it any good or is it just a scam?


juice plus bottles berries and vegetables


Why Do I Take Juice Plus?

There’s some simple reasons why I take juice plus, and why I think you should too:

  • I feel energized throughout the day
  • My skin feels softer
  • I am topping up my health
  • I want the extra fruits and vegetables to protect me from illness


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What is Juice Plus?

Juice plus contains a powdered form of fruits and vegetables, similar to berries and carrots that you buy at the market but in powered form. This powder contains nutrients and vitamins from 17 different fruits and vegetables and, because it’s powered it is easier to digest and your our bodies are able to absorb the different nutrients; those which help us to fight infections and colds and flu.

When I was first introduced to Juice Plus I thought it was a great way to improve my healthy and well-balanced lifestyle.

We’re often told that we should be consuming ample amounts of fruit and vegetables each day, but, if you’re like me then you really don’t know what a portion of fruit and vegetables is and you’re even more disillusioned by how many the ‘must have’ ‘5 a day’ (portions) is; not to mention thinking about why double that figure is a more realistic number.

So, why not boost your total number and bridge the gap between what you are eating and what you should be.

I’m busy, but I’m also concerned about my health. So, I choose to take a couple of capsules a day to boost my immune system and improve the softness of my skin. And, I’ve seem juice plus help me do this with some interesting outcomes.

I use Juice Plus because I just don’t get enough fruit and vegetables in my daily life and I use it as a simple ‘top-up’. Now, I don’t use it in replacement of having my greens – much because I really do love green leafy veg and raw vegetables (Brocolli and Spinach are my two favorites, I know, a bit strange!) – but it gives me piece of mind that I’m actually looking after my body even when I don’t quite have the time to consume the amount of good stuff that nutritionists recommend.


picture of juice plus bottlesIs Juice Plus+ a Scam?

The views are definitely mixed on this one. Some people will whole heartedly agree and state numerous reasons why juice plus is a scam, whereas others who have taken it and reviewed the research believe it isn’t. I’m in the latter group along with a few of my friends.

I wasn’t sure at first and I’m the type of guy that prefers (well, loves really) to research about something I’m going to buy and be sure I’m not going to purchase something that is rubbish.

Lots of people believe that it is a scam because juice plus is considered a supplement and the eager beavers are those individuals who are into the raw food diet.

Hey, it’s good for them that they love juicing an’ all, but I don’t want to drink green glupe and it to taste awful. I’d rather eat a nice steak dinner and take a few capsules of juice plus at the end of my dinner than juice away.

I guess it’s a lifestyle thing; I like fresh fruits and vegetables, but I don’t always have time to juice things, find great recipes, and those organic vegetables are kinda expensive. I know because I do purchase some, but juice plus allows me to ‘top-up’ my vitamins and minerals.


Ordering Juice Plus

What are the different Juice Plus products?

There are five overall products of Juice Plus with two main ones. These are:

The Orchard and Garden Blend — this is the staple of the Juice Plus crew. It contains the essence from 17 different fruits and vegetables.

Orchard and Garden Chewables — these are a soft chewable version of the capsule. If you have a hard time swallowing capsules then these are going to be ideal for you. (They’re also the recommended product for kids.)


order button for juice plus

The Vineyard Blend — This is an addition to the first product (the staple one) which has added antioxidants from berries and grapes. (It comes in a cute purple container too).

Vineyard Chewables — These are the chewable form of the above and if you’re an adults then they’ll taste great.

Juice Plus Complete — This is a drink/shake that can be used as a meal substitute if you’re on the go. (However, I’ve never tried this; it looks like it contains too much yukyness &nash; not great for those of us who hit the gym a few times a week).

I’ve listed a few different sources on this page where you can go and buy a month’s supply of Juice Plus+. If you scroll up and down from here then you will find them. Personally, I have not yet tried the complete shake formula as I’ve been told it’s jam-packed full of additives that we shouldn’t really be consuming; and there’s slim fast if you like that sort of thing, isn’t there?


Who Takes Juice Plus?

From Bear Grylls to the German Olympic Team
(I think that’s kinda cool too.)

There’s probably more people who take it than you think. While I have been talking to people in a general sense about health, wellness and living the better side of life, there’s been a lot of people who have either taken JP in the past or are actually taking it now. Most are positive that it helps them ‘top up’ their daily intake healthy fruits and veggies and I have to agree with them.

Ask around in your social groups, your friends, your family and your work colleagues, and I’m sure there will be a few people who are already taking the little green and red (and sometimes purple ones too) capsules and have an opinion on whether their skin feels softer, they have more energy, or they just feel better in themselves wince taking the supplement.


Benefits of Juice Plus


It’s a big word, but I think it sits right with me over how this whole food based product performs (for me). Research has shown that after several months of using Juice Plus that your skin will look healthier and softer.

There are lots of antioxidants in the capsules too, so they’re also going to be helping your body ward off cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and other not so good diseases.

The good thing is that Juice Plus doesn’t contain most of the sugar of the fruits and veggies, so it means you get all of the goodness without the sugariness; that sugar just isn’t great for your body to cope with.

So, you should be looking at a whole healthier you – and hopefully, a brighter smile.

I want to live a full and healthy life, and I believe Juice Pus+ is helping me do that.

I’ve been using Juice Plus for 6 months now, and I have to say that I can feel the difference. (Below, I share with you what happened when I came off it for a couple of weeks; I didn’t feel great).

I feel a lot better and healthier when I’m taking the fruity ‘powershot capsules’. I don’t tend to get colds or coughs when I’m taking it (good for saving on the cough syrup and cold remedies).

My skin seems more supple and hydrated when I look at myself in the mirror and even people who don’t have a clue that I’m taking it have commented about how well I look lately.

And, weirdly, I’ve even had a few people remark how soft my skin is; a bit strange for a guy to hear that, let me tell you!

I know there’s different benefits for different individuals, so I can’t say that it’s helped me (noticeably anyway) in the gym or when I’m out and about – I really don’t consider it astronomical, but I have seen improvements.

Also, I’ve noticed that my face is less oily; it’s always been quite oil ridden, so that’s another good thing to come out of using it.


The Juice Plus+ Lowdown

Get everything you want to know about the product from one video. If you’re like me then you’ll want to watch a short video and get the basics of what this supplement is.

The video below is from the boss of the company that makes the product.

Your Thoughts

What do you think of Juice Plus?

Quite a few people have given their own opinion on the product below. Click on the button that you think most represents your view.

What do you think of juice plus?


Juice Plus on Amazon

If you’re like me and you’d rather see the product before you sign up then why not pop over to* or* and order a pack from them?

On, 74 people have reviewed their purchase of the orchard and garden blend (buy one green bottle and one red bottle, 1 month’s supply) giving it on average 4 stars out of 5.

There’s a lot of comments on there as well, some people bash the product for being no more than powdered fruits and vegetables that you can buy from a wholesale producer yourself, while others say they’ve used it for years and feel that it increases both their energy and reduces their succetability to colds, flu and getting sick.

I’ve added in my thoughts about it on this page, which are similar to the majority of people reviewing and commenting about the product on Amazon’s website. Ultimately, it’s going to be your choice.



My Experience With Juice Plus

Some people have asked me whether the ‘juicy capsules’ are any good. And tell them it really depends on you as an individual.

I could hype it up and say that the product is the best thing that I’ve taken and it’s exceeded my expectations. And, whilst it has, I think exaggerating it is a little bit too much.

I like the product and I know it has positive effects for me: I came off the capsules because I was traveling and I couldn’t receive a shipment where I was and I got two colds consecutively.

The good thing is, I don’t get a cold or much of a sniffle when I’m using juice plus. And that doesn’t surprise anyone more than me. You see, I got used to being sick throughout the fall and winter.

I just knew I would be sick and I had to live with it; I guess it’s because I love working too much, sleep little, and like to party sometimes. And, surprisingly, I don’t seem to get sick when I’m taking juice plus.

I’m not saying it’s going to keep you well all year round, but for me at least – someone who was always prone to catching numerous colds during the bad winter months – I manage to stave off most of the germs.

And no, I haven’t really changed much of my diet or regime since starting to take juice plus, so I can only put it down to that product.


Getting Juice Plus Cheaper

Can you lower the cost of juice plus?

I’m a distributor, so the price to get the product is about 40% less than the actual cost of the product if I wasn’t one. That’s one main reason why I joined: I wanted to take Juice Plus, but I had a bit of trouble giving up the amount of money they wanted.

Also, what is good is that Juice Plus charge on a monthly basis, so I’m not paying up hundreds of dollars for my 4 months’ supply that they send.

It’s about $50 for you to sign up as a distributor but you’ll probably save that on your first order. Also, you can order other products at a reduced amount for others to try too.

And if you want, you can sign up to run it as a business: working to advise other people how the product works and tell them your story about how it has improved your health.

And, I know a few people make quite a bit of money from it, as well as encouraging people to try it and see how it can positively affect their wellness.

If you do want to treat it as a business then you’re welcome to do. In fact the Juice Plus team give you a little pack that sets out how best it should be marketed to people and what you should be doing.

But, I’m not really interested in doing that and I tend to introduce a few people a month to the products and many end up feeling a lot better after taking the capsules or chewables (these are really tasty).

Nearly all of the marketing materials involve you speaking to people throughout your daily life, whether it be when you’re networking for business or speaking with people at dinner parties, but I don’t tend to do either of these and I prefer to do most of my marketing online.

If you missed the link then click here to buy juice plus.


The Doctors’ Views on Juice Plus

How is Juice Plus Made?

Are you wondering how they make juice plus and what goes into it? And, how the heck do they manage to get all of that fruit and vegetables into those tiny little capsules? The video below explains a little bit of the process.

Wondering what the Scientists say about Juice Plus?

I know I was when I first heard of it. I just wanted to be sure that there had been some studies on the supplement and they hadn’t just gone out and made the product to sell.


Get Juice Plus on Ebay

– If you’re a bargain hunter like me then taking a look on ebay might be worth a shot. There are usually some individuals offering to sell you some of their packaged capsules. Most of the time I think they are distributors trying to sell you some and get you onto the monthly program, but it’s worth buying over there as you can buy once and see if you like the product.


Have You Used Juice Plus?

I’d be interested in hearing from you if you’ve used juice plus, no matter what view you have; because, we both know that lots of different products have people who both love and loath them.

Theses are my opinions expressed on this page after actually using the product and interacting with the company. If you have some thoughts and you want to get in touch with me, then click here to send me a message.


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